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EAB and HUMANE Survey: Digital Transformation Perceptions and Priorities

Thank you for participating in this EAB and HUMANE survey. Its purpose is to gather benchmarking information from HUMANE’s member institutions as a reference point for the EAB-HUMANE webinar on 30 September, From crisis to strategy: digital transformation or digital delusion?.

The 9 questions below focus on how perceptions and priorities related to digital transformation—the application of technology and data to address core operational challenges and strategies—have evolved in the wake of responding to the coronavirus.

The survey will take no more than 5-10 minutes to complete. All answers will be kept completely confidential, and we will only share aggregate results and analysis from the survey during our webinar.  If you have not already registered, click here. Please contact Anushka Mehta with any questions.

1. Please provide your contact information *This question is required.
2. On a scale of 1 (low) to 10 (high), how would you rate your institution’s appetite to pursue digital transformation BEFORE and AFTER the coronavirus outbreak?
Space Cell 12345678910
BEFORE the coronavirus outbreak
AFTER the coronavirus outbreak
3. Please indicate what you perceive as the greatest barriers to digital transformation at your institution, both BEFORE and AFTER the coronavirus outbreak. (Select three in each column.)
Space Cell Before the coronavirus outbreakAfter the coronavirus outbreak
Lack of senior management sponsorship and leadership
Resistance to change/innovation by academic staff
Resistance to change/innovation by administrative/professional services staff
Lack of funding to invest in new projects
Insufficient IT governance
Insufficient data governance
Lack of necessary skills amongst IT staff
Lack of clear ‘customer’ needs
Uncertainty about the ‘right’ investments to prioritise
Siloed point solutions undermine a portfolio approach
4. On a scale from 1 (little progress) to 5 (sector leader), how much progress has your institution made to date in the following areas of digital transformation opportunity?
Space Cell 12345Not sure
Recruitment and enrolment
Learning and teaching
Student services
Professional and administrative services
Estates and space management
Advancement and fundraising
Academic research support
6. In responding to the pandemic, what new investments has your institution made in digital tools and technologies to support virtual instruction, research, and operations? Please add all that are relevant. (This information will not be shared publicly or attributed to your institution.)
8. Does your institution have a digital strategy?