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Survey Consent

Statement of Anonymity
The survey will not ask you to provide any identifying information and your responses are anonymous. In the event of any publication or presentation of the survey results, no personally identifiable information will be shared. Survey responses will be reported in terms of groups of students rather than as individual cases.

Risks and Benefits
The results of the survey will provide important information about our campus climate and will help us in our efforts to ensure that the environment at this school is safe for students. There are no risks in participating in this survey beyond those experienced in everyday life. Some of the survey questions are personal and you might experience emotional discomfort while answering them. At the end of the survey you will be given information about resources should you wish to talk with someone.

Voluntary Participation
Participation in this survey is voluntary. If you decide to participate, you can skip questions or stop participating at any time without penalty. Refusal to take part in the survey will not result in any negative consequences.

If you have questions about the purpose or content of the survey, or if you have technical difficulties taking the survey, please email
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